Freitag, 11. Januar 2008

Die Faux News Debatte (11.1.2008)

Die Highlights aus der Faux News Debatte:

And the Winner is?

Für den "Umfrageprofi" Frank Luntz und seine pseudowissenschaftliche Fokusgruppen-Zaubermaschine natürlich noch lange kein Grund, Ron Paul nicht doch als Debatten-Verlierer hinzustellen:

"Fuck you Frank!"

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Dear Swiss Friends of Ron Paul,
Thank you so much for your support of Dr. Paul. I live in Cape Coral, FL and had dinner tonight with a dear friend who lives in Switzerland who also has a home here. I heard of your website by someone posting on the LA Times blog.
We are all fired up over here about Dr. Paul. Supporters of Ron Paul have spent hundreds of dollars on bumper stickers, slim jim flyers, yard signs, and T-shirts, etc. Through, we arrange places to meet and wave signs and hand out the Ron Paul literature. Last weekend we were at an art festival, and people were giving us donations for yard signs for themselves! We are doing everything we can, including signing up to be voting precinct captains, to help get the word out about Ron Paul.

We appreciate your support and are very grateful for it. Keep spreading the good word about Ron Paul.

Cape Coral, FL