Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

MSNBC berichtet über die verrückten Leute dort draussen im Internet

Ein paar griesgrämige, hochnäsige MSNBC Journalisten platzen fast vor Begeisterung über die "5th of November" Spendenaktion:

Meine Lieblingsstellen:

"You know what? It's an old story ... so it's kind of redundant."
"Are they insecure? Are they insecure about their candidate?"
"So I guess that's a libertarian thing to do - try to assassinate kings."
"...kind of strange but that's ok." "There you go you've mentioned it."
"There was a story last week that actually some people may be hacking into some of these online polls and artificially raising his vote totals." "Hmmmmmmm....NOOOOOOOOOOO?!" "Yea, so he may not actually be winning these debates, these votes , but HACKERS are actually figuring out a way to play with the numbers."
"blah blah blah....." "IN THE NAME OF A TERRORIST!" "blah blah blah"
"Let's move on to Rudy Giuliani, he farted in public yesterday."

Eine Reportage über den Ron Paul-Hacker und seinen Ronbot

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