Samstag, 22. Dezember 2007

Wahlkampf wird schmutzig

Unter den 58'407 Einzelspenden, welche am 16. Dezember eingegangen sind, haben die politischen Gegner Ron Pauls eine 500$ Spende eines bekannten amerikanischen Rassisten entdeckt - ein gefundenes Fressen für den Neocon-Propagandasender Faux News.
Aber Ron Paul ist zu schlau, um sich durch solche Angriffe aus dem Konzept bringen zu lassen und nutzt die Gelegenheit, die Millionenspenden anzusprechen, welche andere Kandidaten von Lobbyisten und Interessengruppen erhalten haben.

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Smaug hat gesagt…

Sorry, I have no German and my French is far too rusty to do you honor, hence my English post.

There are two great oceans, and so much educational repression that seperate Americans from the rest of the world; the hostility you all see that presses on the rest of the world is the product of oppression in our country, as much as that which you experience in yours.

Americans often take for granted the legacy of freedom which was handed to them by their forefathers, and are so easily led by the corrupt, hateful media and government which rule their lives.

Take heart, you of Europe who also hear the messsage of Liberty, which our Fathers bled to deliver!

There are those of us who awaken, stir, and feel the same passion! We hear you, and reject and hate the corruption and depravity which have usurped our once-great Republic and your European nations!

Take heart, I say! Our brother and sisters may be asleep, but we awaken in greater numbers every day.

There are many of us, and more every day, who feel that a border is a symbol not of hate, but of pride and well-being.

You in Europe who yearn for Liberty are not alone! The Message is not dead in America!!