Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2007

Micheline Calmy-Rey antwortet einem Ron Paul Blogger

Ein amerikanischer Blogger hat Bundesrätin Micheline Calmy-Rey eine E-Mail geschrieben, in welcher er sie auf Ron Paul und das unten einkopierte Google Interview aufmerksam machen wollte. Dass sich unsere "Mrs. President" tatsächlich die Zeit genommen hat, um auf seine E-Mail zu antworten, hat in der amerikanischen Blogosphäre ziemliches Erstaunen ausgelöst.

Ron Paul Daily:
A Ron Pauler wrote to the president of Switzerland regarding the Ron Paul Google interview. And the person actually responded! Can you imagine Bush responding to your letter? Or any member of the government for that matter?
Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Brief an Micheline Calmy-Rey:
Ron Paul’s personal and political philosophies are very much aligned with the politics and culture of Switzerland with your long standing tradition of neutrality and independence from international organizations that take from the sovereignty of their member countries. I think it would be interesting if you and the Federal Council could discuss American libertarianism and Constitutionalism with Ron Paul; our two countries and people have far more in common than people realize given the current administration of the United States.

Calmy-Reys Antwort:
Thank you for your interesting email about Ron Paul’s interview on YouTube. I felt very pleased to hear that Mr Paul mentioned Switzerland as a good example of a government protecting its people’s freedom and liberties. Our memberships of the UN and other international organizations allow us to participate constructively in global politics, where thanks to its long history of neutrality and independence, Switzerland is able to play a valuable role.

Our bilateral relations with the United States are growing stronger and it is possible that in future visits by myself or of one of my colleagues in the Swiss government to Washington an exchange of views with Congressman Ron Paul will be part of the program.

Best regards,
Micheline Calmy-Rey

Bundesrat Blocher hätte wohl nichts dagegen, wenn Micheline Calmy-Rey zu einem Gedankenaustausch über Neutralität und Unabhängigkeit gegenüber internationalen Organisationen nach Washington fliegen würde. ;-)

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